Dingle Event: Bushmills: An Odour of History, A Taste of the Future. Sold Out

  • 18 Aug 2016
  • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Adam's Bar, Main Street, Dingle, Co Kerry
  • 17


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Officially founded in 1784 but rooted in a local distilling history that goes straight back to Irish whiskey’s very embryo, Bushmills already have plenty of history behind them and even a quick sniff of one of their malts today will show that for all those centuries, they haven’t exactly been wasting their time. Many of our members cut their whiskeyphiliac teeth on the fabulous Black Bush blend while the core malts have long set the standard of what triple distillation can do for a well matured malt. To cut a long history short, since anyone seems to have been paying attention, Bushmills has been right at the heart of what makes whiskey worth drinking at all. But all that’s in the past. Since their recent acquisition by José Cuervo, the Antrim classic has been eager to showcase all it has to offer to brand new audiences abroad and to unveil some startling surprises for those of us at home who’ve known and loved them all along. With that exciting future in mind, it is our absolute pleasure to invite Bushmills whiskey guru and legend, Seamus Lowry to Dingle with a briefcase full of secret samples for a warehouse tour in a southern glass, poured right to the brim with all they’ve got aging in those northern casks!

Whiskeys Tasted

New make malt spirit casting strength 63.4%

American aged Malt B1 59.16% 2006

Spanish aged malt BS1 61.69% 2006

Cyrstal malt 59% B1 2008

Port aged malt BP1 1999 56.25%

Madeira aged malt BM1 1991 52.11%

Where: Adams Bar, Main Street, Dingle, Co Kerry

When: 8pm, August 18, 2016

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