Bottlings & Casks

As part of our mission to promote awareness of Irish whiskey and to preserve the heritage and history of Irish Whiskey the Irish Whiskey Society has had the pleasure of bottling 9 unique whiskeys and laying down 11 casks on behalf of our members.

These casks and bottlings are available only to Society members and as they are unique, they have limited availability.

The Society Committee works with the Cask Committee to determine which casks to purchase (liquid and barrel type) and when to bottle these unique expressions. They also provide guidance to the Society Committee on sourcing casks for mature liquid for unique Society Bottlings.

Please note that members wishing to sell their Society subscription bottle can offer it to the Society at a mutually agreed price, though the Society has no obligation to accept. Other than return to the Society or sale to another Member, Society subscription bottles may not be sold by members to third parties (e.g. auction sites) for a period of three years after receipt. Records of bottle numbers are maintained for this reason.

Society Bottlings

Society Casks

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