2016 Marrowbone Lane Pot Still (Bottle 3)

  • 04 Jun 2016
  • You will be able to collect your bottle in Dublin.
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  • One subscription of a commemorative 2016 Pot Still Bottle.

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The Irish Whiskey Society is proud to offer the right to subscribe to one bottle of Pot Still inspired by the centenary of 1916.

We expect the bottles to be available after Easter which is time appropriate given the theme of this bottling, commemorating the events of 1916, during this special year.

A liquid brief was drawn up and submitted to IDL. Our intention was to attempt to replicate the whiskey which would have been consumed in Dublin around that time. IDL took this on board and supplied us with 3 samples for a blind tasting and Option 1 was selected after taking all factors into consideration and is now available for member subscriptions.

When supplying this brief to IDL, we had to bear in mind that whiskey of that era would not have been aged for a substantial period of time before it was consumed. Therefore the whiskey we have chosen is 11 years old and is a heavy pot still in keeping with tradition. It was distilled in January 2005 and spent 7 years in a refill bourbon cask and then in March 2012 it was re-casked into a first fill Oloroso sherry butt for 4 more years of aging. The initial Pot spices are balanced with the 4 years finishing in the sherry cask. 

In order to properly manage cash flow, ALL bottles will be offered by pre-subscription only.  Bottles are offered on a 'first come, first serve basis.' and the subscription per bottle is €125 and payment must be completed within 24 hours .

Bottles can be collected in Dublin once they are available, no later than 4 weeks after they are made available.

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