Casks & Bottlings

The Irish Whiskey Society has had the pleasure of laying down the following casks and selecting the following whiskeys for bottling. Bottles are available to society members only.

Cask No
       Casks Details
Waiting to be Bottled
2018-021Laid Down 17/01/2018
Triple Distilled Pot Still Whiskey
1st fill Bourbon cask

75121LPA 134.40
Laid Down
October 2017
 Great Nothern Distillery
Grain Whiskey
Laid Down 20/02/2017
Arran Distillery
Schotch Malt Whisky
1st fill Sherry Hogshead
Laid Down
Walsh Distillery
Pot Still Whiskey
Bourbon cask from Heaven Hills,
Founding Father
Cask 99

Laid Down

Dingle Distillery
Single Malt Whiskey

Jim Beam Bourbon cask


Distilled on

Kilbeggan Distillery
Pot Still Whsikey

 Code  Date  Details of Bottling
 09/03/2016Irish Whiskey Society Marrowbone Lane 2016 Centenary Edition, Single Cask Pot Still
Cask #51266

No longer available

Winner of Best Irish Single Cask Whiskey
Irish Whiskey Awards 2016

Carefully selected by the
Irish Whiskey Society

IWS-C06  08/09/2015 Irish Whiskey Society Single Cask Grain
Cask #21885

Jim Murray Whisky Bible Awarded 91/100 (2017)

No longer available

Carefully selected by members of the
Irish Whiskey Society