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    • 05 May 2016
    • You will be able to collect your bottle in Dublin.
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    The Irish Whiskey Society is proud to offer the right to subscribe to one bottle of Pot Still inspired by the centenary of 1916.

    We expect the bottles to be available after Easter which is time appropriate given the theme of this bottling, commemorating the events of 1916, during this special year.

    A liquid brief was drawn up and submitted to IDL. Our intention was to attempt to replicate the whiskey which would have been consumed in Dublin around that time. IDL took this on board and supplied us with 3 samples for a blind tasting and Option 1 was selected after taking all factors into consideration and is now available for member subscriptions.

    When supplying this brief to IDL, we had to bear in mind that whiskey of that era would not have been aged for a substantial period of time before it was consumed. Therefore the whiskey we have chosen is 11 years old and is a heavy pot still in keeping with tradition. It was distilled in January 2005 and spent 7 years in a refill bourbon cask and then in March 2012 it was re-casked into a first fill Oloroso sherry butt for 4 more years of aging. The initial Pot spices are balanced with the 4 years finishing in the sherry cask. 

    In order to properly manage cash flow, ALL bottles will be offered by pre-subscription only.  Bottles are offered on a 'first come, first serve basis.' and the subscription per bottle is €125 and payment must be completed within 24 hours .

    Bottles can be collected in Dublin once they are available, no later than 4 weeks after they are made available.

    • 26 May 2016
    • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Wynn's Hotel, Lower Abbey St., Dublin 1.
    • 80
    During Irish whiskey’s first great rise (or drop) into international glasses, Richard Allman of the Bandon distillery claimed that his company had been the first
    to commission specially selected sherry-seasoned casks from Cadiz. As with maturation itself, no one is ever likely to know for certain when Irish whiskey first
    fell in love with Iberian wines like sherry or its fortified sisters Port and Madeira, but the practice of using wine-tinted wood was already common by Allman’s heyday and, if the histories of Mitchells, Gilbey’s, and other winey establishments are to be believed, the relationship hasn't exactly soured from his day to ours. Many still regard the sherry cask as the quintessential companion of the classical dram, but even a brief look into the past will show that pot still and port have been flirting almost as long and, indeed, the flavour effects of various seasonings are being explored today with greater precision and ingenuity than they ever have in that same long history. So how did we get here? Why did we chose an obscure cocktail of unaged brandy and barely (or un-)finished wine as the perfect finish to our own spirit’s coming of age? And where are the best of these headed today? On Thursday, May 26 th , society member Fionnán O’Connor will be taking a long loving look at the effects of fortified wine on the drams we love, on the actual nature of the wines in question, and at the cutting edge casks of that love affair today.
    Indeed, Allman’s age may be closer to ours than we think. During the earliest rumbles of today’s Irish whiskey explosion, a group of likeminded spirits sat down in Bowe’s pub for the first meeting of a shared society, lubricated with donations of the Tyrconnell Port, Madeira, and Sherry cask finishes. At the time, this trio represented the creative fringe of purchasable Irish cask work. Today, our options have blossomed into a wide range of bodega-specific casks and creative barrel mixtures that remind us why Allman and his contemporaries were so keen to use the barrels in the first place. So come join us at the latest event in what we hope to be our greatest calendar since that foundation. In a sense, these finishes were with us right from the start.

    Doors open: 7:30pm (please wait in the bar before this time so we can set up the room) Tasting begins: 8:00pm sharp

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