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    • 25 Nov 2015
    • 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
    • Coughlan's of Douglas Street, Cork, Ireland,

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    - Hosted by John Cashman in Coughlan's of Douglas Street

    The Irish Whiskey Society Cork Chapter are pleased to announce another exclusive tasting. To celebrate the 200 year anniversary of the legendary Islay whisky Laphroaig, Mr John Cashman of Beam Suntory will guide us through the eccentricities of some of the finest peated whiskies money can buy.

    The venue is historical, the whisky is historical and we're quite sure that this event will also register as historical in the record books of our southern Chapter.

     As an added incentive, we are offering an EARLY BIRD discounted rate until the 10th November. To book your space, please click into the booking engine below:

    MORE DETAIL (with your whiskey?)
    Members of the Cork Chapter might well remember the Kilbeggan tasting of 2014 as hosted by John Cashman. The man from Cooley treated us to a fantastic presentation and even brought along some well aged whiskeys freshly drawn from the bonded warehouses. You may also recall that the Connemara 22 and Kilbeggan 21 expressions were bottled for sale soon after that nugget of market research in the Franciscan Well.

    Since those embryonic stages in the development of our own little chapter, Cooley/Kilbeggan have grown from strength to strength. First our northerly friends were attached to the ample bosom of Jim Beam, before that veritable American institution with Kilbeggan along for the ride, was subsequently swallowed Japanese style by Suntory to form the enlarged Beam Suntory.

    Jim Cashman now found himself in the peculiar, and quite enviable, position of having to familiarize himself with the history, production and flavour characteristics of whiskeys from as far afield as Japan, Scotland and the United States. One of these whiskeys is the worlds best-selling Islay single malt whisky, known simply as Laphroaig.

    Jim has kindly agreed to visit us on Wednesday November 25th at Coughlan's Bar & Beer Garden. Established almost two centuries ago on Douglas Street; Coughlans is a pub steeped in history, unspoiled and untarnished by the passage of time, held fondly in the hearts of regular patrons and loved in equal measure by new visitors alike. Since the early 1800's the Coughlan and Ellis families have plied their trade as Stone Masons, Publicans and Medical Practitioners on Douglas Street. As a listed building, elements of this history echo throughout; from the 1860's built stone walled beer garden, the original medical memorabilia and to the old bottling equipment which was once used to bottle "The Black Stuff" on these very premises.

    Such an historic venue will provide the ideal vintage atmosphere for a tasting that celebrates the 200th anniversary of Laphroaig whisky and will best showcase what Islay has to offer the whiskey lover.

    Laphroaig launched an unusual video, in celebration of its anniversary, as part of the brands popular and brutally honest "Opinions Welcome" campaign. The video stars a selection of locals from the island of Islay, off the west coast of Scotland, and their candid opinions on what Laphroaig tastes like to them personally.

    The locals wonderful remarks and opinion cover everything from "dark salted chocolate" to "the back of a dog's paw". Of all the smoke infused malts of Islay, it is Laphroaig that attracts the most extreme reactions, as shown in that film.

    Judging by his previous visit, Jim can be expected to bring along some serious whisky to taste on the night. Although we do not have details on the proposed whisky platter, a betting man would wager that of his selection, we will certainly sample the Laphroaig 200-Year Anniversary, Limited Edition 15 Year Old whisky.

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    • 26 Nov 2015
    • 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
    • Wynn's Hotel, Lower Abbey St., Dublin 1.
    • 5

    Dublin: IWS AGM & Presidents Tasting , Thursday November 26th

    It’s that time of year again! – When we throw out the budget, let our current president wow us with whatever whiskeys he choses, and all privately rush to the booking site to be sure of a seat for the well watered night of our annual (h)ard fheis. Peter has been working on this year’s lineup since his vice-presidency and, along with a Q&A overview of the society’s progress and future direction, attendees will be treated to some of the finest uisce beatha he could lay his fingers on this year. If you have any questions, concerns, or even roaring demands, now is the time to voice them as we invite all paid-up members to look inside the committee’s internal workings and offer your own opinions on the future of our shared society.

    This is a members-only event but all members from all society chapters are free to attend the pre-tasting AGM (19:00) free of charge.

    The tasting itself will begin at the regular time (20:00) and requires the usual booking and fee. Both events take place at Wynn’s Hotel and we invite any members interested in running for the open spots on next year’s committee (to be elected on the night) to get in touch with either the President or Vice-President as soon as possible. Hope to see you all there for some rather special small ones and some rather staggering announcements for our big plans next year!

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